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Martial arts provides an incredible boost of physical strength, stamina, endurance, and confidence that can mold your life in ways difficult to imagine å®´il you step into our dojo for the first time. Babcock's Martial Arts & Kickboxing of Narragansett, Rhode Island has been providing martial arts and kickboxing classes to students of all ages and levels in a safe and comfortable environment since 1986.

Martial Arts Classes

For children (3 and up) as well as adults, our karate classes are focused on building up the mind and body with precision, strength, and courage. You gain self-confidence, inspire discipline, and learn the art of self-defense while becoming more fit than ever before. Learn more ï°¾

Kickboxing Classes

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We have developed one of the most successful and energizing kickboxing classes for adults and children (11 and up) in Southern Rhode Island. You experience an incredible full-body workout designed to develop balance, coordination, and strength through high intensity drills based on core martial arts kicking techniques. Learn more ï°¾

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Thereய better time to unlock your true potential than right here, right now. Karate or Kickboxing, our highly trained and experienced instructors will help you or your child(ren) physically and mentally prepare for whatever challenges life throws your way.

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